Navigating the new reality of fixed income analytics

Yield Book analytics 3-day webinar series

October 6th – 8th, 2020

The fixed income industry has had no shortage of obstacles to contend with over the last couple of years. The IBOR transition triggered significant changes to modeling, forecasting, and other industry standard operations and analysis procedures. ESG and sustainable investing present important opportunities but also identify possible data and governance issues. And of course, more recently, the impact of COVID-19 on the economy has been felt globally,
causing volatility and uncertainty for all market participants.

Yield Book invites you to join us October 6th, 7th, and 8th for a complimentary virtual webinar series providing thoughtful insights from a gallery of voices from Yield Book senior management, product managers and modelers in addition to experts across the industry. Spread over three days, these hour-long sessions will explore timely topics including:


October 6th – Analytic landscape: Impact of COVID-19 today and moving forwards

  • Yield Book’s senior management will provide key business updates and discuss the status of the industry
  • Yield Book’s head of product management will reflect on 2020 product initiatives

Presentation: COVID-19 adjustments on Agency, Non-Agency and CMBS models in addition to enhancements on products and data

Panel Discussion: Reflecting on COVID-19 impact and investors outlook in 2021

October 7th – Analytic tools and rates: Non-Agency tools and the post-IBOR world

Presentation: Non-Agency models and tools

  • Enhanced data processing for CRT, Jumbo near Prime, and Non-QM & MSA Level HPA as a key economic driver

Presentation: Impact of IBOR migration

  • Overview of the impact of IBOR transition on the industry and Yield Book
  • Supporting the new risk-free rates: outlining recent developments
  • Commentary on future enhancements

Panel Discussion: Reflecting on a post-IBOR world

October 8th – Analytic innovations: Securitized considerations as part of sustainable investing

Presentation: Sustainable investing within securitized markets

  • ESG taxonomy in securitized
  • Green CMBS

Panel Discussion: Sustainable investing

  • Putting ESG into practice within securitized assets
  • Unique issues for the green CMBS market
  • Predatory lending and servicing behaviors through COVID-19

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